Miss Aline, that’s what my mom Jolie calls me since I was a little girl. The latter opened Couleurs d’Afrique in 1994, it was initially a small wooden store under sheet metal, established in the garden of our house in Reunion. I was 3 years old at the time, it allowed him to work while keeping an eye on my 2 big brothers and me.

In this store, Mom Jolie did African hairdressing (braids and weaves), selling handicrafts and clothes she bought in Africa during her travels with my father, and sewing. There was not yet a real brand “Couleurs d’Afrique”, but the brand was already gaining a good reputation among its customers. that.

Years passed and my mother’s business was thriving quietly. She settled in 2005 in a more professional premises, outside our home. As for me, I was not destined to work with her at all. In 2008 with my literary baccalaureate in my pocket, I started 3 years of college of letters and law, before realizing that nothing really pleased me and finally heading towards the profession of flight attendant. I obtained my certificate in 2012 in Nanterre and I was preparing to work for an international company. But it was that year that our lives changed.

Mom Jolie called me one morning, my dad had cancer, they needed help. I took the first ticket to my native island, Reunion, to be able to support them in this difficult ordeal. My mother stopped going to work and was at my father’s bedside 7 days a week, she even had a cot to stay in the hospital at night. I went back and forth every day between the house and the hospital, I brought them clean laundry, other small errands but above all all my love and all my strength.

Two years later, my father passed away. He was the love of my mother’s life, and although she was a very strong person, she collapsed. I therefore did everything I could to be the pillar on which it would be able to rely. It was the hardest but also the truest period of my life. Everything we lived was essential and of boundless love. My mother unknowingly taught me what Love is. My father unknowingly taught me what courage is.

But during this time Couleurs d’Afrique was flowing and mom Jolie wanted to sell the company. I opposed it. This box was like her 4th child, she had devoted more than 20 years of her life to it, I felt it was a mistake. So without thinking too much, I opened a facebook page at Couleurs d’Afrique on which I started to share all the treasures accumulated in the store. When my mother regained some courage and started doing hairstyles again, I would take pictures of them and publish them on our page as well. The audience was at the appointment and more and more new customers started to take an interest in us, it was right. magic.

I took over the management of the store, I didn’t know anything about it but I learned on the job. I started to get interested in com and marketing as well. It was just feeling most of the time, but it fascinated me, it vibrated in me, I felt that I was exactly where I needed to be. Another thing, I’ve always loved drawing clothes, and have been since I was a little girl. All my school notebooks, from kindergarten to college, were full of drawings of women wearing clothes from the most discreet to the most exuberant. So we decided to start our own models, our own clothing brand Couleurs d’Afrique. My mother being a woman of taste, we did not doubt at any time, we were going to form a great team.

Mom Jolie being Cameroonian, it is quite naturally that we looked in Cameroon for seamstresses to assemble our collections. After finding a competent and motivated team, we realized that if we made the necessary efforts and that our collections worked well, we would be able to help the many families of our seamstresses to get out of misery. So we also looked for a team in Madagascar, then in Ethiopia, then in Kenya (we went there with our backpacks full of fabrics to test the seamstresses met “at random”, a hell of an adventure!)

Today we have well-organized teams of seamstresses in all these countries. We are happy to give them work and pay them very well, in order to offer them better life prospects ♥ Through my com, I also try to share my love of life with our audience. All women are beautiful, all men are beautiful, we do not have to be ashamed of our bodies, we do not have to live afraid of the gaze of others, the main thing being to be in tune with our hearts. We are building the uninhibited world of tomorrow.

Thank you for reading our story, I send you my most positive vibes, Miss Aline.

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