Mbembe Amoss!

Or hello, if you have never followed our little Cameroonian courses in story instagram!
My name is Aline, I’m 27 years old and I manage Couleurs d’Afrique company alongside my mother.
I was born in Reunion where I lived almost all my life.

My mother, Jolie (“it’s a nice name” yes, we joked her all her life haha!), Created Couleurs d’Afrique when I was barely 4 years old.
Initially she made African hair and sold clothes and decorations that she brought back from her travels in Africa.
I did not intend to work with her at all. I settled in the Paris suburbs where I obtained my CCA (cabin crew attestation) which would allow me to be hostess of the air.

And then things did not go as planned. My father became ill, my mother’s business ran into difficulties and the idea of ​​selling it emerged.
It had been the project of his life and it was painful for me to finish this way … so I offered to help him get the bar up. We worked hard, we pulled together and finally … we succeeded!
Happy coincidence if chance exists, I discovered a real passion for styling, marketting and management. So I settled permanently on the island with my mother intense and today we have fun!

You will find on this site our ready-to-wear line that we draw carefully, she and me. We then find the best fabrics we send to our sewing teams, in Kenya, Cameroon and Madagascar, for assembly.
You will also find decoration straight out of Africa, and high-end natural hair, essential to quality African hairstyles such as weaves and extensions son.
If you live in Reunion or are passing through our beautiful island, you can discover our universe at Couleurs d’Afrique, at 43 boulevard de Verdun au Port. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 to 17h except Fridays from 8:30 to 13h.

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Do not hesitate to leave us small messages, it always makes us super fun!
See you soon ~

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